Floral Tips That Can Help You With Dried Flower Crafts

Floral Tips That Can Help You With Dried Flower Crafts
I have gathered some floral tips to help you in your projects. Dried flowers have many craft potentials. You can use them for greeting cards as well as scrapbooks.
Some of the floral tips you probably know but there could be some that will help you. If you have tips that are not here and you would like to share them please contact me. I will share them with everyone else.
1. The best tip I can give you is keep a pair of scissors in your purse or bag. This way you are always prepared. You may come across the perfect flower or grass for drying.
2. Hang bouquets upside down in a dark closet – they will dry faster and keep their colors.
3. Dry large amounts of flat flowers by placing them face down in a telephone book. The paper dries them faster and the darkness keeps their colors. I have been using this technique for a lot of years and it is great!
4. Help keep flower arrangements alive longer by mixing a crushed un-coated aspirin in the water.
5. Coat Spanish moss lightly with white glue and place it where you want it. The glue sticks it into place and dries clear.
6. One of the more unconventional ways in which I use pressed flowers is in random flower collages. Once these collages are made they can be cut into squares, rectangles and strips and used in a variety of decorative ways.
7. In just a single day I can collect enough leaves for a lifetime. However, part of the fun is to put strict rules when gathering and each leaf should be examined for a unique quality. I still bring home far to many. I do, however, press them all and now have no need to gather any more for years.
8. Pressed ferns are always beautiful, but it is better to gather and press only the smallest ones as the larger leaves can be rather hard to work with and not as nice.

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