Painting Tips That Could Save You Some Time and Money

Painting Tips That Could Save You Some Time and Money
1. Here is a little painting tip for cleaning paint and glue brushes. How often when you go to use brushes and their stiff and you can’t even bend them? After washing brushes with water rub the brushes with hand (personal) soap and rinse well. The brushes stay soft and in good condition.
2. I am sure we have all had this problem..If you have paint brushes that are stiff because they dried with paint in them, just dip them in some rubbing alcohol and they’ll soften up. (make sure to rinse when done)
3. This was sent in from one of my crafters. I haven’t tried it yet. To soften glue that has thickened up, add a few drops of vinegar to it.
4. Use plastic party table covers for messy crafts. They protect better than newspaper and can be used more than once.
5. Mix equal amounts of acrylic color and wood sealer for one-step painting on wood.
6. One of the best painting tips is to use pre-moistened baby towelettes to clean acrylic paint off most surfaces before the paint dries. This is a great time saver.
7. Make a paint wash by using two parts paint and eight parts water.
8. Remove little “fuzzies” and bumps after your basecoat has dried by “sanding” your surface with a very fine sand paper. Some people have used a brown paper bag.
9. Rub a fabric softener sheet all over your hands before using paint or glue to make cleanup easier. These sheets are also handy for cleaning glue guns after use.
10. Think of items you have around the house to use when faux finishing…a feather duster makes a beautiful pattern, and crumpled up cellophane can create a marble effect. Aluminum foil also works great.
11. You can use a turkey baster to move paint from a large container to a small container. This will eliminate that messy job of pouring from the big bottle to a little bottle.
12. There is less mess if you tint paint in a zip lock bag to make that special color.
13. Use a damp sea sponge to apply multiple base coats of paint. The paint dries faster and the coverage is more even. You can also use this method to make some interesting designs and textures.
14. One of the easiest painting tips I never even thought of this. Use the laser side of junk mail CD’s as a paint pallet. It has a finger hole to hold it just like and artist’s pallet and colors mix well, and wipe or rinse off easily.
If you have any great tips that are not here and you would like to share them If you have any great tips that are not here and you would like to share them please “Contact” button. I will share them with everyone else.

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